Tech: HTML5, CSS, Compass, Susy, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, jQuery, Ember.js, Sencha Touch 2, Zepto.js

MyTeksi is Malaysia’s most reliable taxi-booking system for iPhone, Android, Windows 8 and web. It’s rated 4/5 on the Apple App Store.

What I did:

  • Designed UI/UX for native iPhone, Android and Windows 8 apps
  • Prepared design assets for native iPhone, Android and Windows 8 apps
  • Sketch, wireframe and mock up the operator and admin dashboard
  • Convert design into responsive mobile-first web UI using HTML5, CSS, Compass and Susy
  • Used JavaScript, CoffeeScript, jQuery and Ember.js to implement the API provided by the Node.js backend team
    • Used PhantomJS for web UI testing
    • Programmed and maintained initial web apps using Sencha Touch 2 and Zepto.js
    • Used jQuery, jquery.qrcode.js and Webkit to generate coupons using API prepared by backend team
    • Designed print media for leaflets, posters, advertisements
    • Prepared API documentation

Please contact me to see more samples of my work.